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From CD Liner notes by Michael Kinsman - Hoodoo Productions)

"The moment still shines through like it happened last night. Michele Lundeen is standing on the front edge of a Beale Street stage, having just unleashed one of her up-against-the-wall vocal assaults and the packed house at B.B. King's sits in stunned silence. Her hand is on her hip as her eyes prowl back and forth across the room. Still, no one moves. Michele commands attention and it's almost as if the audience knows better than to make the first move.

That's the sense that comes through in this long-awaited recording by Michele. She's a soul-deep singer with a penetrating presence. Her music has a force of its own, with vocals that hit you smack dab between the eyes and knock you a few feet back. There is nothing subtle about Michele's music. She's confident of what she's doing and it shows. It doesn't matter if Michele is singing country blues, mixing up some mean-street funk, locking into a Memphis groove, or launching into some high-energy blues and R&B, the music here will rub you raw.

This is all by design. Michele knows that too much music today is so homogenized and filtered that it can't stand up on it's own. But she makes music that is fierce and powerful, music that reflects what's inside her. And, if you're trying to compare her style to someone, don't bother. This is pure Michele Lundeen, a singer/songwriter with an irrepressible song inside. This music can't come from anyone else."
The Recording Saga...
Up until June 2004 I had been traveling back and forth to Route 44 Studio in No. Cal. I met Bay Area native the legendary slide and lead guitarist, Johnny "V" Vernazza (Elvin Bishop alumni currently with Norton Buffalo) here in the San Diego area this past year and asked if he'd be interesting in helping me arrange and playing a few cuts on my CD. Subsequently Johnny not only helped me arrange and play but ended up co-producing! He's been so fabulous ... what a guy! Johnny's main contacts are in the Bay Area and I'm originally from Oakland, CA so it felt perfect to go back to my roots and record in No. Cal. PLUS... Johnny lined up some hot pals who just happened to be some of the finest Bay Area cats ...many I've long admired. The No. Cal tracks feature the killer backline of Johnny "V", Steve Evans on bass (currently with Coco Montoya), Gary "Smacky" Silva on drums, Austin Delone on organ and piano (Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Dan Hicks, Norton Buffalo, etc.) and more! Special guest slide-master Roy Rogers appears on one of my down-home tunes, ALL DAY BLUES. Whew!Ed Early (Elvin Bishop Band) add his smooth chops to my campy swing tune "NO MONEY NO HONEY". Two fine Bay Area singers Vernelle Anders and Gail Muldrow added a killer dimension to "YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY"... PLUS...trumpet man Tom Poole (Etta James) and a fab saxman Dave Stone made magic on "BLUES IS A FEELING" and "I'M STILL LAUGHING". Route 44 Engineer Harry Gale was a real gem as well.

Travel and time logistics had forced me to bring the project back home to San Diego to it wrap up. I used fab engineer, BEN MOORE, who came highly recommended and we wrapped the final, finals at the (then) new AUDIO DESIGN studios owned by Jeff Kelly. Ben is also a tremendous organ player and laid down title track "SONG INSIDE ME" and "STARTING ALL OVER"  along with my cool, seasoned local band... the talented crew of Charles Burton on tasty guitar, Tim Cash on bass, Ric Lee on drums. Aristotle Georgio laid down a smokin' harmonica solo on "BLUES IS A FEELING". I was also thrilled to have my friend, the fabulous Queen of Boogie-Woogie Sue Palmer come in a lay down a track on one of my rockin'-boogie tunes, "FREE AT LAST"!

September 20,  pal Nancy Porter and I spent the day in Hollywood at mastering studio DIGI PREP with DAN HERSCH! Dan was a total pro and hilarious to boot. We had a wonderful experience and then, after a dinner with old friends Min & Wes, we popped the mastered CD into the car's player and drove back to San Diego so excited that the project had come this far and sounded so great! The last step was to have DiscMakers duplicate and package them and did a fabulous job.

And that's just a beginning of how SONG INSIDE ME ended up in CD players around the globe!

CD Credits:
TRACKS 1-3-6-7-8-10-11-12
Johnny V Vernazza (guitars)
Austin Delone (keys)
Steve Evans (bass)
Gary "Smacky" Silva (drums/percussion)
Roy Rogers (guitar)
TRACKS 1-7: Tom Poole (trumpet) - Dave Stone (sax)
TRACKS 10:  Dave Stone (sax)
TRACKS 8:  Ed Early (trombone)
TRACK 6: Vernelle Anders & Gail Muldrow (background vocals)
TRACKS 2-5-9: Charles Burton (guitar)
Tim Cash (bass) - Ric Lee (drums)
TRACK 1: Aristotle Georgio (harmonica)
TRACKS 2-9: Ben Moore (Hammond B3)
TRACK 5: Sue Palmer (piano)
Roots-Blues-Soul Singer/Songwriter
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"You know ya gotta have some!"

The CD includes 9 of Michele's soulful, funky, down-home, rockin' originals and three choice covers. The project is headed up by legendary slide wiz and lead guitarist Johnny "V" Vernazza (former Elvin Bishop and Norton Buffalo alumni) and features such special guests such as slide-master Roy Rogers and more!